INTU Summer Camp

Česky Hrvatski

One week event for parents and children with Thomas Pedroli. One week family camp, where from nothing can raise something deep or grand.

What happens when everyone does what they really want to do while being in contact with the others?

How is it being authentic in a safe environment?

We will meet for the third time this year in order to experience being in a community where everyone finds their own creative power, when we are truly ourselves.

Thomas Pedroli is here to support us in finding a natural satisfaction, discovering our blocks, connect the body and consciousness.

Above all, it is a week full of games, singing, new friendships, deep relaxation and inner movements... And that all together with our children and partners.

Dates in 2020

As a natural consequence of the friendship of the families from the Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany and China, which begin during the last summer camp, we are pleased to open the second term in July this year.

Connecting families all over the world has a large overlap.

  • 19. - 26. 7. in Croatia - registration and basic information about the event here
  • 15. - 22. 8. in Czech Republic - registration and basic information about the event here.


The organizer does not prepare any program in advance.

There is one such special thing, and that is the feeling of doing exactly what we really want to do. That means we say "real yes" to what we do. And not something like, “Yes, but…”, or “Someone has to do it…”, or “I have to do it because…”. Important for such exercise is a safe place that is an unconditional space without judging.

Just take what you really like, like carving equipment. It is good to include a little more tools / equipment to invite other adults or children. So if you like fishing, for example, take two rods with you. If you like body painting, take plenty of colours with you for a lot of kids. If you want to play with balls, take some extra. If you like playing theatre, take enough costumes to have fun in a small group. In this way, we will have a full range of possible activities at hand, without organizing!

During the stay there is only a fixed meal time and every morning there is a primary work with Thomas (only for adults).

You are welcome to explore more about Thomas Pedroli on his website,